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A new association was recently established called the Vanuatu Coastal Water Association, aimed at monitoring and testing the water quality of the swimming sites, currently around Port Vila. On Wednesday this week, stakeholders of the Water sector gathered for their inaugural meeting.

A highlight of the meeting was the appointment of the President and members of the Water Association.

The presidency is occupied by Department of Fisheries, and the Vice President is from Atoll Aqua. The position of Treasurer is given to AJC, and the Secretary is a Police representative. Members of the Association include Media representative and Ifira Marine Management.

During the first meeting, concerns and discussions involved a report produced by Safe Water Vanuatu on several popular swimming sites around Port Vila.

There is also a call to expand the program to ensure everyone drinks safe drinking water. A constitution of the Association was also drafted. One of the first roles of the newly appointed members is to review the constitution and amend where it seems fit.

The Coastal Water Monitoring Partnership Program was established in January 2021 and included nine private companies who sponsored the monitoring of 10 swimming sites in Port Vila. They are: Caillard & Kaddour, Vodafone, Tusker, Pacific Energy, Vanuatu Ferry, AJC, Titan FX, Computer World and Kacific.