The areas that are to be banned are shaded in pink.

The Chief Administration Office of Erakor Village on Efate is placing a ban on its traditional fishing grounds on Saturday.

A notice has been put out to all villagers of Erakor that the Chiefs and Council will make the declaration at the village ‘Efare’ or community meeting hall this weekend.

The notice, signed by Chief Administrator Officer, Lierau Kaltack, states that the programme will start at 8am.

Everyone in the village has been asked to bring food to share at the ‘efare’ during the declaration.

This declaration covers the areas known as the first and second lagoons, to the coral reef between Erakor island and mainland and the area between Erakor and Eratap.

Two main areas will not be affected in this traditional ban where people from the village can access seafood.

People from other islands living on Erakor land are also informed that the event will take place on Saturday (May 25).