The ni-Vanuatu residents living around the first and second lagoons are cautioned to be careful of eating shells and fish from the coastal areas of the two lagoons because they may be polluted by the urban sewages

surrounding the lagoon, Jean Kalmet, of Erakor village alleged.

He said, the same concern was raised some years ago but was not sure if proper urban sewerage and sanitation control have already been introduced and are in place or not, he questioned.

He raised concerns after seeing many residents living on the foreshore of the first and second lagoons and who go fishing every day, but particularly over the Christmas period.

Jean Kalmet said he believes that sewage in the lagoons can cause a threat to both humans and the environment.

He said he understands that contamination of the lagoon marine environment by sewage can lead to significant numbers of infectious diseases linked to bathing in marine waters and to the consumption of seafood from the polluted waters such as the first and the second lagoon around Erakor Village.

The concerned Erakor villager calls on the government authorities concern to address the issues, if he says this is not yet addressed, to safeguard the marine life and the life of the people living on the coastal areas of the first and the second lagoon in Port Vila.

By Godwin Ligo