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The Vanuatu Cycling Federation, The Vanuatu Police Force, and Port Vila Municipality organized another event of the 4th edition of World Bicycle Day in Vanuatu.

Slowly the Vanuatu Cycling Federation is implementing its Strategic Plan and is engaging with stakeholders to development the cycling sports and the bicycle and an appropriate mean of transport for Vanuatu, which declared Climate Emergency and needs to implement clear public policies accordingly with such a political declaration.

The Program and Policy Discussion contents here:


Bicycle Lane Proposed and details, link here

The media news here:

Vanuatu Police Force Social media here

From few discussions with stakeholders during the day, and idea came. Fixing the VPF bicycles by the Vanuatu Cycling Federation and Correction Services low risk bicycle mechanics course, started on the 22nd May 2024. Endure that VPF general duties use the bicycles for patrolling.