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The Minister of Climate Change made some reminders to the Public in a press release.

Let’s hope that the Authorities enforce the Minister’s reminders, as there are multiple illegal dumpsites in Port Vila and across Vanuatu., a sign of lack of compliance of the current environmental laws by authorities. This fact was extensively reported in various occasions in the Minister of Climate Change to Erakor in May 2023.

Waste Management Separation and Dippers.

Dippers were announced as an item to be banned in 2020 by the Department of Environment Protection and Conservation. This move was praise by the International Community but government didn’t resist to the business pressure and didn’t actually ban diapers which continues to be a major waste spread across Vanuatu

This advances and retreats in Vanuatu’s waste management policies are becoming the norm. In 2017 Vanuatu’s government announced the ban on Plastic Bottles which never happened. The international media announced then Vanuatu will become the first country in the world to ban plastic bottles. A major bottles water business sponsored a government event

Vanuatu Clean and Vanuatu Climate Action Network provided some recommendations to the Government on the Plastic Public Policy, but again it seems that private sector has some leverage to influence the public in self interest and there is no intention to ban diapers or plastic bottles as previously announced by Vanuatu’s government.

Electric Waste, Environment Assessment and illegal logging