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Vanuatu Cycling Federation Commemorates World Bicycle Day

June 4 2022 – International World Bicycle day celebration a success

By Adele Willie Jun 4, 2022

Over 100 riders participated in the International World Bicycle Day.

Vanuatu joined other countries in the world to commemorate the International Bicycle day yesterday at Feiawa Park, Sea Front in the heart of Port Vila.

The celebration kick off with a match from the three participating rural communities, Mele, Pango, and Erakor, the riders were escorted by the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) to the main center in Sea Front. The main highlight of the day is the presentation of 10 new brand BMX bicycle that was given to the three communities that have been engaging with the cyclists in Vanuatu and also the groups that came in to join with the Vanuatu Bicycle Federation (VBF).

The new BMX Bicycle was given to VBF through Oceania Cycling Federation and Union Cyclists Internationale.

This is a way forward to help the Vanuatu cyclist prepare for local, regional, and international competitions.

According to a long-time VBF member Mr. Carlos Noronha, the federation is looking forward to sending three of its athlete to Fiji next month for coaching training.