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Polluters caught lying: ‘Give me nothing’ recycling program

The Erakor Bridge community joined the Takabe Community to clean up the Takabe River.

Vanuatu Clean decided to test the exciting promises of the main Sponsor of the Pacific Games

99% of bottles collected in Takabe river were rejected for the following reasons:
1. Only one brand accepted;
2. Only very very cleaned bottles accepted.
From around 100 collected directed from the river only 1 was accepted: 5 vatu.
So around of 99 of our bottles will end in Etas landfill…
We need to improve this recycling system… Or simply say: THERE IS NO RECYCLING SYSTEM FOR PLASTIC BOTTLES IN VANUATU
All other plastic bottles not collected will stay in the river or end up the Pacific Ocean

Polluters were able to turn out the government decision to ban plastic bottles in Vanuatu

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Azure Pure Water is offering its customers a recycling solution for its Vanuatu Natural Bottles.

This was done after six months of extensive research and consultation with waste management specialists.

The Chief Executive Officer of Azure Pure Water, Mr Shaun Gilchrist said in a media statement that for a long time the company has recognized that waste management and plastic bottle disposal in Vanuatu is a challenge.

“And we recognized our responsibility as a manufacturer in Vanuatu to be providing viable and sustainable solutions for the management of the waste we produce so as to keep our country clean,” he said.

“Working in partnership with RecycleCorp Vanuatu and our key packaging supplier VISY, and with the keen support and guidance of Acting Director, Noel Kalo and his team at the Department of Industry, effective today (yesterday), we will be offering a 5 vatu rebate on any of our plastic bottles which are returned, clean, to our offices at the Azure Pure Water factory at the Bauerfield Airport- we hope to be able to roll out additional collection points in the coming months.”

According to the statement, Mr Gilchrist said that these bottles will be stripped down into their individual plastic components and each type of plastic will be baled, compressed, and stored until enough volume is accumulated to enable shipping to Australia for recycling.

“We anticipate that we will be able to send our first shipment following the Pacific Mini Games in December this year,” he said.

Mr Gilchrist encouraged everyone to take part in their ‘Give me 5’ program and ‘help Vanuatu to become a country which manages responsibly and sustainably.’