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Unemployment Benefits form 40 (UB40) 

After planting 200 trees in the Erakor Bridge Community and Erakor road, from the Bridge towards the Village of Erakor, on the 4th of June 2020 – the World Environment week, the Erakor Bridge Youth went talk to the Port Vila Municipality to proposed a simple project: a botanic garden with indigenous fruit trees planted from the Erakor Bridge towards Korman roundabout, Pacific Supplies and USP, with installation of garbage bins for waste separation and production of compost.




The idea was presented to the Port Vila Urban Planning Committee in September 2020, in a presentation of 37 minutes, which content described the challenges of the Erakor Bridge Community and their willing to contribute to improve life in Port Vila and protect the Erakor Lagoons and the Environment.

The Port Vila Mayor and Councilors listened attentively to Fred Andrew, a visionary youth member of Erakor Bridge. The Port Vila Urban Planning Committee received the presentation positively and expressed an overwhelming support to the idea. But nothing happened since then.

The community idea was to make a plantation of a significant collection of indigenous fruit trees, herbs and flowers (essential for the survival of indigenous bees) that could constitute an interesting botanic collection, to be used for educational purposes, allowing people to taste, identify (labelling in scientific and local languages) various types of edible plants of Vanuatu. At the time, the former Principal of PVIS expressed its interest in supporting the Erakor Bridge Youth in implementing such initiative, in the case of Port Vila Municipality approval.

Unfortunately, the Youth was never able to get the minutes of the meeting to be able to proceed. Luckily the Urban Planning Committee authorized the recording of the presentation and positive reactions from their members.

COVID 19 came to Vanuatu and Fred Andrew and his friends went to Australia for ‘fruit picking’  for money.

Erakor Youth believes that it is possible to ‘fruit picking’ for free in Vanuatu if we all act now.

Modern city life and challenges of living in urban areas and youth migration may pose some challenges to sustain intragenerational dissemination of traditional ecological knowledge. But fortunately, good ideas are never lost at Erakor Bridge, there is always someone to build on youth successes. In December 2023 a new youth association was born with a clear continuity vision building on the previous achievements of the Youth of Erakor Bridge: THE BRIDGE REVOLUTION YOUTH ASSOCIATION COMMITTEE (INC.) .

Erakor Bridge Youth Association believes that Port Vila Municipality should have agreements with community groups who genuinely have fun and interesting in maintaining gardens, beautify urban areas and build rubbish bins to separate waste . As a recognition, the Municipality and private sector could sponsor communities to make the work and provide materials and support. Even organize an annual competition on the “the most beautiful” / “The cleanest” / “The most colorful diverse flower collection” – ‘urban furniture made with local materials by communities’, the ‘nicest road’, roundabout, shop entrance, … Various categories of prizes.

The city has also should apply strict penalties on littering, water pollution and air pollution from burning of plastics to  vehicle pollution. These fees and penalties directly applied into beautification and city environmental activities.

The Erakor Bridge Youth Association wrote an letter to the Port Vila Mayor on the 19 January 2024 but is still waiting for an answer…

We are in early February, the ideal time to plant fruit trees while there is rain… Time is not Money, Time is Life…, Time is running… The Community is Ready! Is Port Vila Municipality Ready?!

Erakor Bridge Youth i on nomo, long time finis…