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In November 2023 (13th to 17th) 2 Ni Vanuatu citizens, Alex Phew and Ms Jean Pierre from Erakor Bridge, participated a bicycle mechanics workshop in Sydney.

This happens after the participation of 3 Ni Vanuatu  who went to Fiji for a coaching workshop to assist in the develop of community clubs: Alex Pheu, Florian Sam and Tony Sope.

These activities were possible because of the revival of the Vanuatu Cycling Federation (VCF) with the funding support of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) by its regional body Oceania Cycling Co-federation (OCC).

As cycling infrastructure and availability of quality equipment are many challenges for any cycling commuter in Vanuatu, the cycling development as a competitive sport is in its very initial stages.

The Vanuatu Cycling Federation (VCF) is in its initial stages of development. It depends on the Oceania Cycling Confederation “solidarity fund” and the volunteering inputs of two members after working hours. The VCF has a draft of a strategic plan that is aligned with the OCC strategic directions. It is a draft because it is not really approved by an General Assembly of cycling clubs or associations. Vanuatu does have them as yet. The main pillars of the strategy are: Institutional development (enroll members, elect governance bodies, strengthening VCF management capacity), Cycling Advocacy (engage with community, government authorities and private sector) and Sports development (promote local competitions, identify athletes for international competitions, develop training, coaching and mechanics skills).

Activities in 2023
Interim Committee and Institutional development:
Alex Pheu, Carlos Noronha, with support of Antoine Boudier, are the current interim committee. They are seeking the engagement of community leaders to share the load of the implementation of the Strategic Plan. In the organization of the 2022 World Bicycle day VCF members were told by Shefa Province to engage with Erakor, Mele and Pango councilors. The reality is that these leaders seem to not have time for promoting cycling within their communities. Engagement with youth associations leaders will be the focus in the future to strengthening community relationships and invite them to be part of VCF governance bodies.

Advocacy for cycling in Vanuatu
As it is becoming a yearly habit, VCF organized another awareness session at AUF / National University of Vanuatu during the 2023 Environmental Week. This year we organized it with the inputs of a VASANOC volunteer, coach of volleyball Steve Anderson and Vanuatu E-Bikes Greg Mitchell.

After some research some resources were adapted for Vanuatu to advocate for the use of bicycles:
o Cycling: Contributions to Build a Better Vanuatu
o Better than “Walking the Talk” is “Cycling the Talk”
A study was conducted to make a stock take of a potential bike lane in Port Vila. Malapoa point to Ifira point was identified as an appropriate bike lane as it could both benefit tourists and commuters.
A meeting took place at E-Bike Vanuatu with the GGGI Global Green Growth regarding Electric Vehicles. This was an opportunity to advocate for bicycles infrastructure as a way for climate mitigation. Contact to be pursued in 2024.

Sports development
On the 10th June 2023 there was a BMX competition at Erakor Village
Alex Pheu have started coaching activities and bicycle mechanics
A significant event without the inputs of the Vanuatu Cycling Federation was developed by Vanuatu Police Force, a partner of VCF in the organization of the World Bicycle day of 2022. Sports Street Soccer and Bicycle lights competition.

Remarks: E-bikes Vanuatu, a private business is now established in Vanuatu since June 2023 and it may be an opportunity to advocate for the use of bicycles in Vanuatu for commuting

Participation in International Sports events
There is no participation from Vanuatu athletes in International events, as at this stage there is not enough national sports events to identify national athletes.