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The children of Erakor Bridge, Bibingo squad or “The Voice of Erakor Lagoons”,  have been consistency active to protect the Erakor Lagoons with awareness activities for adults, clean ups and planting mangroves at Emtem Lagoon. On the 22 July, Solomon Yeo, a lawyer and human rights activist, visited to the Community of Erakor and had the chance to meet Cynthia and her friends. The children had the chance to show and tell Solomon about their activities to protect the environment, and they came up with an idea: jointly organize a Mangrove plantation and a clean up on the 26 of July the “International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem”.

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This opportunity came after a suggestion from the Vanuatu Climate Action Network to their members to stimulate a reflection on the importance of Mangroves for coastal communities in Vanuatu. Ekoftau Environment and Wellbeing Association was recently constituted and was the appropriate vehicle to make the link between the idea and VCAN.

Chief of Solwota Speech on the importance of Natontong (Mangroves) and Erakor Lagoons Restoration Plan

Willy Missack on the importance of Mangroves in the UN development goals and Vanuatu National Development Plan

British High Commissioner on the importance of Mangroves

Stephanie Stephens  on VBTC

Again, the Crime Prevention and Community Police Unit of Vanuatu Police Force participated in the Erakor Environmental and community activities. Thank you for the continuous support to the Restoration of the Lagoons!