New canoe for Second Lagoon Clean-up
Independence Canoe, for lagoon rubbish collection, Carlos Noronha
The Erakor Bridge Youth has created a specialised canoe, which will assist in the clean-up campaigns being started this Friday, for a work start at Second Lagoon (Emten).

The canoe and others to follow will be used to hold and carry to collection points the tins, bottles, plastic bags and take-away food boxes found in the Second Lagoon — an area of special interest owing to the large number of visitors likely to be in the area at Mini Games time of VAN2017, just over two months away.

The Erakor Bridge Community and those living in government houses want their home territory to look its best for the visitors as well as for themselves, and they will be meeting at the Erakor Bridge at 7.30 on Friday morning, 22 September.

Other groups are meeting at Independence Park at the same time as Friday is to see the start of cleaning-up everywhere in the town for Youth At Work Vanuatu: for our people and our visitors.

By Bob Makin

  • Sep 21, 2017